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Why play?

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Play is important! Children learn through play each in their own way. When they are actively involved with an object they can See, Touch, Listen, and Learn. Play provides a foundation for emotional, cognitive, social, and physical development. Children learn concepts that will help them in school and throughout life. Galileo said “You can’t teach a man anything – you can only help him discover it within himself.” Television and video games are taking children away from playful learning. They are not being given the chance to learn and discover for themselves.

Here are some suggestions for playful learning:

Choose toys that are motivating, provide creativity and imagination.

Have a time set aside for learning and playing with your child.

Listen to your child and give praise for their accomplishments and ideas.

How much information do children retrain?

10% if you tell them something

40% if you tell them through a story

60% if you use a picture

90% if you use a song

Story Time Felts helps you get 90%!

Felt board stories provide opportunities for creativity and imagination. Find felt stories, activities, dress up dolls, and more at www.storytimefelts.com and use Lois Graham as your consultant.



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I have created this blog to inspire and help people to imagine new ideas.  Children and adults can create dreams to change the future!

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